Executive Leaders

Christian EichingerFounder- M.Sc. Software Engineering Leadership- Founded elbstack in 2015 and scaled the company up to 20 employees in 2019 being profitable all the time.- Expert in translating mathematically defined cryptography to source code
Sebastian GronewoldFounder- M.Sc. Software Engineering Leadership- Founded elbstack in 2015 and scaled the company up to 20 employees in 2019 being profitable all the time.- Started to study alternative consensus algorithms early in 2017 when Proof of Work was still state of the art.
Bernd StrehlCTO- M.Sc. Information Systems- 10 years of programming experience- Specialized on algorithm development
Dr. Max MülkeCPO/CMO- Masters & PhD in Business, Banking & Finance- 14 years of experience in (tech) product building and optimization, scaling and investing.- Started investing in crypto projects in early 2017


DannSoftware Engineer- 10 years of Full Stack experience with Python and JavaScript- Most time spent in startups or early product development- Loves to build robust and clean software
DominikSoftware Engineer- Self-taught Software Engineer- Builds the Tixl Website- Blockchain Enthusiast and Cryptocurrency Investor since 2017
FinnSoftware Engineer- B.Sc. Media Systems- Expert in frontend programming- Builds the Tixl Website and Tixl Astronauts Club
LeifSoftware Engineer- M. Sc. Engineering- Backend- and frontend-development- Founded multiple businesses in the past
TammoSoftware Engineer- 10 years experience in Java, Scala and Javascript based frameworks- Builds the Tixl ledger and wallet software
LarissaMarketing Manager- B.A. in Technology- Postgraduate in Digital Marketing- 10 years of experience with Social Media
EmreMarketing Manager- BBA International Business Management- Crypto enthusiast and investor since 2019- Work experience in the financial (tech) sector
AnneAccounting Lead- In charge of all accounting issues- Interested in things she never did before- Crypto Lover
TimMotion Graphic Designer- M.Sc. Innovation Management- 6+ years experience in designing UX, UI and (motion) artwork- Designs motion graphics for Tixl Website and Social Media
LennartUX and UI Designer- Serial entrepreneur of digital products based on mobile apps- Expert in both design and frontend programming- Check Lennart's design skills on Dribbble
VihrenCryptographer- Mathematican specialized on cutting edge cryptography- Helped the Tixl team to facilitate zero-knowledge proofs- Deep knowledge in quantum secure technologies
JonEditor- Early Tixl believer knowing every detail of the project- Creator, reviewer and co-editor of some of the most important Tixl docs and press releases
MoeCommunity Manager- Always there to help our community in Telegram!
CorentinCommunity Manager- Always there to help our community in Telegram!

Board of Advisors

Prof. Dr. Dieter GollmannProfessor for Security in Distributed ApplicationHamburg University of Technology WebsitePublications: dblp Computer Science Bibliography (University Trier)Youtube: On the right to be forgotten | Dieter Gollmann | TEDxTUHH
Dr. jur. Christian ConrederLawyer & Associate PartnerRödl & Partner Website- Investment & Banking Supervisory Law- FinTech & Cryptocurrencies- ICOsPublications: IT Finanzmagazin (German)
- Author in the FinTech manual, Beck-Verlag, Munich 2019
Dr. Ralph StuberComputer Scientist & Director ITIBS IT & Business School Oldenburg Website- Dipl.-Inform., Dr. rer. nat. Informatik- Doctorate at OFFIS Institute for Information Technology- Director of the degree program "Economic Computer Science"
Mike LohmannTechnology Consultant- Expert for high-traffic web applications and distributed systems- CEO of the IOT company ROCKNITIVE planning to offer blockchain services to their clients with Autobahn Network
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