Tixl Grant Program (TGP)


The Tixl Grant Program is designed to grow the Tixl project in two ways:

  1. Development
  2. Marketing
People, agencies or projects getting a grant are entitled to receive TXL or other compensations for the work being submitted.

Marketing Grants

To receive a marketing grant, you can apply here.Examples for getting a marketing grant are:

  • Write X Medium posts about Tixl every month.
  • Create X reddit posts about crypto in general mentioning Tixl ever month.
  • Mention Tixl below X Influencer Tweets/YouTube videos every month.
  • Mention Tixl X times per month in other Telegram groups every month.
  • Create X Youtube explanation videos about Tixl in (language). Topics: A, B, C.
  • Manage Tixl’s Discord server and make it much more engaged and growing. Long-term.
  • Write X articles a month that the Tixl team can send to journalists & media houses.
  • Translate X Medium articles per month into language X.
  • Connect Tixl with X journalists or media houses.
  • Connect Tixl with X high market cap projects for a partnership discussion.

Development Grants

To receive a development grant, you can apply here. The earlier you apply, the better your chances for a grant later on.Examples for getting a development grant are:

  • Review Smart Contract X.
  • Build a dApp for X.
  • Create a frontend for X.
  • Develop X for the Cross-Chain Bridge.
  • Develop a Tixl Telegram bot for X.
  • Use an oracle for X.
  • Increase the security of Tixl's products by doing X.
  • Find bugs by doing X.

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