Tixl Ambassador Program (TAP)


The Tixl Ambassador Program has two main goals:

  1. Building a larger, more engaged Tixl community.
  2. Giving back to our most loyal members by making them part of the broader team.
A Tixl Ambassador works closely with the Tixl team. By becoming a Tixl Ambassador, you can contribute to Tixl's vision, share it, help the project to develop in terms of awareness and engagement and thus help write the next chapter of the Tixl story. All Tixl Ambassadors will be closely connected with the Tixl team and all other Ambassadors from all around the globe.


An Ambassador is

  • a Tixl lover and long-term oriented investor.
  • motivated & enthusiastic.
  • respectful.
  • helping others.


An Ambassador does

  • support the Community Managers in Telegram by helping others & answering questions.
  • educate the world about Tixl.
  • regularly share Tixl content in social media.
  • come up with ideas and put those into action - self-reliant. Writing blogs, doing videos, organizing meetups, etc.
  • help with Tixl's plans to internationalize by translating content.


An Ambassador gets the following:

  • OFFICIAL TIXL TAG: The ambassador gets the "Ambassador" tag in Tixl's main Telegram group.
  • OFFICIAL TEAM MEMBER: The ambassador gets a photo on our website in the broader team or ambassador section (if desired).
  • EXCLUSIVE KNOW-HOW & NETWORK: The ambassador gets:
    • the chance to attend a live Tixl presentation and do a video AMA with a Tixl team member or one of the founders as an onboarding.
    • exclusive access to a closed Ambassador Telegram group with a connection to Ambassadors from all over the globe.
    • invited to exclusive Tixl Ambassador events once we start offering that.
  • GRANTS: The ambassador gets privileged treatment if he/she also applies for a Marketing grant or Development grant. In addition, if applicable and fair, the ambassador gets higher TXL rewards.


Ambassadors can apply for the program here.

A jury regularly decides who is getting a spot. In the beginning, there are only 3-5 spots available. If many qualified applications come in and they show similar qualifications, a randomly selected Ambassador gets the spot and the other person will be put on the waitlist for once we increase the number of Ambassadors.


  1. Apply by filling out this form.
  2. The application gets reviewed by a jury.
  3. Invited candidates get a short Tixl assignment.
  4. If needed, candidates will get invited for a video interview.
  5. The results get reviewed and discussed in the Tixl team.
  6. The decision is made and communicated.
  7. The ambassador gets the chance to attend an exclusive Tixl presentation and do a video AMA with a Tixl team member or one of the founders as an onboarding.
  8. Ambassador activity will be reviewed monthly.


Here's our current team of Tixl Ambassadors. We will grow this team with more qualified and motivated Ambassadors over time.
DiegoTixl Ambassador
  • Brazilian living in the US.
  • Loves Tixl because "The team is focused and delivers, not distracted by market prices."
  • Loves being a Tixl Ambassador because "I love to invest my time trying to compare Tixl to existing businesses to help people understand and relate Tixl to their daily activities."
ErikTixl Ambassador
  • Lives in Germany.
  • Loves Tixl because "Tixl is solving all the pain points from today's crypto space with a dedicated team of professionals behind it."
  • Loves being a Tixl Ambassador because "I love to contribute my knowledge from crypto and be part of something bigger."
SalarTixl Ambassador
  • Lives in Iran.
  • Loves Tixl because "it's building features that DeFi projects really need."
  • Loves being a Tixl Ambassador because "Tixl's team members are very professional and experienced and I can introduce Tixl to many more people."

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